Important Dates

Nominations open Sep 7, 2021

Nominations close Oct 31, 2021

Interview deadline Dec 17, 2021

Driver Surveys closed Dec 31, 2021

Top 20 announced End of Jan, 2022

Overall winners announced March 19-22, 2022 TCA Annual Convention


Interested in nominating your company for the Best Fleets program? Check out our short list of requirements.

  • Open to any for-hire trucking company operating 10 tractor-trailers or more in the US or Canada.
  • There's no cost to participate and fleets do not have to be TCA members.
  • Fleets must be nominated by a driver or independent contractor currently working with them.

Nomination Form

Nominations are accepted from September 7th until October 31st, 2021



Are you interested to learning how the Top 20 are chosen? Each year, we do indepth interviews with all participating fleets, collect thousands of driver surveys, and identify the most successful programs and emerging trends across the industry. And then we share the results with you!

Click each stage to learn more.

  • Driver Nomination
  • Corporate Questionnaire
  • Company Interview
  • Driver Survey
  • Results
  • Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I nominate my fleet?

If you think your fleet is one of the best, this is a great way to let others know about it. There are lots of great fleets across North America, doing all kinds of creative things to make life better for their drivers and independent contractors, and we want to find all of them!

Nominating your fleet only takes a minute - we just need to know who they are and why you think they're a Best Fleet. One nomination is all it takes.

Our company was nominated but no one has contacted us. What should we do?

When a fleet is nominated, our evaluation system sends a confirmation to the email address provided in the nomination. Occasionally, however, those messages get trapped by spam filters or there are typos in the address that prevent delivery.

We don't want anyone to miss out because a message got lost in transit, so if your fleet is listed on the nominations page but you haven't received any confirmation message or login details, please contact us.

Can private fleets participate?

At this time, Best Fleets to Drive For is only open to fleets that operate exclusively for hire. Any fleet that hauls its own products is considered a private fleet and ineligible.

However, a for-hire fleet incorporated as a separate business that happens to be owned by another organization is eligible.

Where can I learn more about the winners?

After the winners are announced, a Final Results book is prepared, outlining the trends, notable statistics, and scores received by winning fleets in all categories. The Final Results book is distributed at the TCA Convention in March, and posted on this site as well. Past year editions are also available.

In addition, program administrators write articles, conduct webinars, and make public presentations throughout the spring and summer, discussing the findings from each year's edition of the program.

What are "Fleets to Watch"?

Every year, in addition to recognizing the 20 fleets with the best workplace cultures, we also identify 5 Fleets to Watch. These are fleets outside of the Top 20 that demonstrate promise through novel or innovative programs. Fleets to Watch are not always the highest scoring fleets outside of the Top 20, but rather fleets that we expect to see great things from in the future. Many Fleets to Watch make it into the Top 20 in subsequent years, so this designation has proven to be a strong indicator of future performance.

What do the different logos mean?

Check out our Media page for the different Best Fleets logos and usage.

How can I use the logo?

Only logos provided directly by program administrators may be used by participating fleets or sponsors. Those logos may be used in any business materials or marketing collateral, but the logo cannot be modified in any way.

Contact us for copies of the logo and usage guidelines.

Will you come and speak at my event?

In many cases, yes! A key objective of the Best Fleets program is sharing the great ideas uncovered in each year's edition of the program, and CarriersEdge staff do numerous public appearances each year in support of that objective.

Whether it's a radio show, podcast, conference, convention, or something else, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your needs.


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Launched in 2008, Best Fleets to Drive For® is the only annual program dedicated to uncovering the best workplaces in the North American trucking industry. Produced by CarriersEdge, in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association, Best Fleets to Drive For recognizes the for-hire fleets providing exceptional workplace experiences for their company drivers and independent contractors.

In addition to recognizing winners in multiple categories, we also share those findings through press stories, webinars, and public presentations at various industry events.